The Rhetorical Analysis Of Peter Singer's Animal Liberation

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INSERT HOOK The topic of animal liberation is not typically an object of discussion. Most likely because people don’t understand what animals need to be liberated from. Peter Singer is a utilitarian philosopher. Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation” offers a fascinating view on how humans perceive themselves in comparison to animals. The article examines the tyranny of humans over animals (non-humans). Singer believes humans need to expand their moral horizons so that the mistreatment of animals is a thing of the past and is seen as intolerable. Throughout his essay he states claims supporting his thesis and elaborates on them to hopefully get his audience to see where he is coming from. INSERT BETTER THESIS? Moral equality is thought to give weight to equal interests while factual equality is solely based on the facts. According to Singer, moral equality is not grounded in factual equality. He refers to previous liberations like the African-American liberation and the women's liberation to draw from. If factually humans were all considered equal it would mean no one has any superior talents or skills over another person. This however, is not true in terms of characteristics. All humans have characteristics that make them different from others in more ways than one. Just because a human may seemingly have a higher intellectual level than another it still is not grounds to exploit them. If lesser intelligence cannot be used to morally discriminate against humans, then at
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