The Rhetorical Analysis Of 'The Onion'

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Do you have sore feet and feel like there is nothing that can stop or prevent your foot pain? MagnaSoles are new shoe inserts for people just like you who have sore feet! Did you fall for these tactics? Companies use these marketing tactics everyday to convince people just like you to buy their product. In The Onion’s press release, the author demonstrates the use of the rhetorical triangle, bold diction and syntax, and vivid imagery to explain how Americans fall for marketing tactics companies use. First, the author utilizes strategies from the rhetorical triangle to create a stronger argument about how the company MagnaSoles convinces customers to buy their product using scientific research. The text includes ethos to point out how marketing strategies establish the credibility of various speakers within the text. It includes a thought from Dr. Arthur Bluni who is “[…]the pseudoscientist who developed the product for Massillon-based Integrated Products.” By appealing to credibility, companies attract the consumers attention and convince them to buy this product. The author uses logos to describe why customers should buy MagnaSoles. “[...] features more than 200 isometrically aligned Contour Points,” states Dr. Arthur Bluni. This quote describes how the company convinces people to buy this product with the use of scientific research, which makes customers feel that the product will be effective. The use of the rhetorical triangle helps demonstrate how the author’s use of ethos and logos mocks consumers for falling for buying this product. Second, the author highlights bold diction and syntax to display the message about how Americans fall for marketing tactics that companies use. The word choice that the author uses supports the scientific research used and explains why consumers buy this product. Dr. Wayne Frankel, who is the California State University biotrician who discovered Terranometry states, “[…] Earth’s natural vibrational rate of 32.805 kilofrankels.” This example of bold diction explains Frankel’s scientific research to show how customers are convinced to buy this product by these word choices. The author uses very detailed word choice in the article to help describe MagnaSoles and why people
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