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The Rhodesian Revolution Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe, is a nation that never featured apartheid. Race relations were generally decent under the government of Ian Smith. Smith's book "The Great Betrayal" clearly spells this out. Former President, Jimmy Carter, would not even see Ian Smith in 1979 when Smith came to the White House to beg for help. Ian Smith then asked Henry Kissinger for help when Carter would not help him. Smith asked; "What about loyalty?" since rhodesians had long served the British Empire. Kissinger told Smith, "There is no place for such ideals in the modern world." Many Americans might have reservations about helping whites in Southern Africa because of apartheid. The…show more content…
In 1963 the federation broke up as African majority governments assumed control in Northern Rhodesia. After the federation's collapse, conservative trends hardened in Southern Rhodesia, which now became known simply as Rhodesia. (McKinley) The government of stalwart conservative Ian Smith, who had become Rhodesian's Prime Minister in 1964, proclaimed a unilateral declaration of independence on November 11, 1965. (McKinely) Britain called the proclamation an act of insurgence but refused to reestablish control by force. "When I was in Rhodesia, we weren't fighting the local Africans; we were fighting Cuban terrorists who infiltrated our country through Mozambique, east of Rhodesia" (Myrtle). When negotiations in 1966 failed to produce an agreement, Britain requested economic sanctions against Rhodesia. On March 1, 1970, Rhodesia formally proclaimed itself a republic. Heightened guerrilla warfare and a withdrawal of South America military in 1976, marked the beginning of the collapse of Smiths eleven years of resistance. (Zimbabwe) Negotiations were restarted in the mid-1970's and in 1971, Britain and Rhodesia reached an agreement that provided African political participation, but without any guarantee of eventual black majority rule. Rhodesian Independence was

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