The Rican Family Institute Clinic

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The Puerto Rican Family Institute clinic in Brooklyn is currently undergoing a new organizational structure due to a high turnover of recent employees. The previous director for the clinic had been in the same position for 25 years, and once she left, the structure started to decline. The new director, James Chavez, has been overseeing the clinic for a year now, and the clinic has been evolving ever since. Due to such a drastic change in roles, the clinic has been using a lateral organizational structure to help the director and keep the flow going. Since the clinic in Brooklyn is smaller, there is a lot of cohesiveness that happens within various departments. The director always has the final say, but many times, the staff will work together to help one another. I have received a lot of guidance due to the lateral structure, and I am thankful for that. The clinic has many full-time staff clinicians and the majority have a background in social work. Since the director comes from a social work background also, there is a strong social work presence. The social worker’s role is to provide one-on-one psychotherapy, give a pre-diagnostic impression, and complete treatment plans. They also assess for strengths, goals, and triggers to provide clients with a strong therapeutic experience. Services are being approached and delivered thoroughly because the clinic recently went through various audits in the past few years. There is a specific way that they like to have things…
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