The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Prison By Jeffery Reimer And Paul Livingston Essay

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In society, things are not as they seem at times. The criminal justice system was created to help deter crime and to punish those who break the law. Laws are put in place to be fair to all citizens. Your economic situation, gender, race should not become a factor for you to be given “due process”. Years have come and gone and the crime rates increases and decreases with the years. There have been many senseless killings and everyone has their point of view as to the causes. The focal point of this report will be the findings from the readings of, “The rich get richer and the poor get prison by Jeffery Reimer and Paul Livingston”. I will discuss the causes of the rise and fall of the many different types of crimes ; why the rise and fall of crime rates; what contribution has the criminal justice and or police system has contributed whether positive or negative; and lastly discuss which economic group ends up in prison and why. According to Reiman, “A criminal justice system is a mirror in which a whole society can see the darker outlines of its face.” The criminal justice system should be there to protect us from crime, but it is there to project a credible image of the threat of crimes as a threat from the poor.
The United States have had issues with crime rates dating back to the 1960s. During this time were the largest expansions of prisons in the United States (12). President Johnson explains during his term he had some explanations of the causes of crime.
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