The Rich In The Great Gatsby

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At first “The Great Gatsby” seems like a love story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, but the book is about the greed and wealth that was in the 1920s. Throughout the story the reader can get an idea of this time period, the jazz era, after World War 1 where there was a lot of wealth and excess materials. In “The Great Gatsby”, The author F. Scott Fitzgerald demonstrates the american dream that anyone can get rich and also the big gap between the rich and poor in the 1920s through setting and symbols.
There is a big gap between the rich and poor in the book it is shown in the book with setting. There are really only two class in the 1920s there are the rich and the poor the middle class is small and not really shown in the book. The
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Scott Fitzgerald also uses symbols to show the difference between the rich and poor because there are two types of rich the new and old. In the Great Gatsby there are two types of rich the new rich the ones that just came upon a fortune and the old rich the ones that have been rich all there life and their family before them. The new rich are represented by Jay Gatsby was money craved person who did anything to become rich because he was born poor. Jay Gatsby symbolizes the newly rich because he just became rich, has big outrages parties, wears different color suits, lacks taste, and is really extravagante. The new rich, even though are not poor, are not well liked by the old rich they compete a lot with cars and sometimes women. The Tom and Daisy Buchanan in the book represent the old rich, Tom Buchanan’s family has been rich for generations. In the book the old rich are seen as people with taste, elegant, and aren’t showy like the newly rich. They are used to money helping them ease their conscious that they don’t care about hurting others. Tom Buchanan cheats on Daisy with a married women and when his mistress dies he doesn’t show any emotion. On there hand the newly rich aren’t as heartless as the old rich. Gatsby was born poor so he doesn’t act like the old rich, but also enjoys his money he cares about the people close to him he takes the blame for killing Myrtle, The Mistress of Tom, so that Daisy isn’t punished ironically his loyalty to people close to him leads to his
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