The Rich Man And The Gospel Of Mark Essay

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The story of the rich man in the Gospel of Mark (10:17-22) is a rather sad story from Mark’s gospel. It is the only time in the gospels that someone rejects Jesus’ direct invite to become one of his disciples. It is also a great non-example for Christians to recognize, if they desire to become true disciples of God.
This pericope from Mark directly follows Jesus’ blessing of the children, in which he rebukes the disciples, who try to keep the children away from touching him. Jesus, rather than pushing away the children, gathers them into his arms, saying “et the children come to me” (10:14) He then says, “whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it” (10:15). This story is a very pertinent precursor to the story of a rich man, because in it, Jesus gives an indirect way to ‘get in’ to the kingdom of God.
The pericope of the story of the rich man which I will be examining is directly followed by Jesus’ teaching about the amount of difficulty it takes for some to enter the kingdom of heaven, in particular, the wealthy, using the metaphor of a camel passing through the eye of a needle. Jesus continues this story by telling the disciples how they will be repaid in the kingdom for their sacrifices that they have made on earth.
This story of the rich man takes place as Jesus and his disciples are starting their journey back to Jerusalem to complete his earthly mission. V. 17 gives the context of the story and introduces two of the main characters of
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