The Rich in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The American Dream is something common to most individuals, however it's one thing that everybody views in several ways. The American Dream is totally different for everybody, however they share a number of a similar aspects of it. The dream relies mainly on the setting of wherever one lives and one‘s social status. for instance, The Declaration of Independence was by Thomas Jefferson, who was an upper class white male. He needed freedom, however freedom for people like himself that were white land owning people. martin luther King, in his I have a Dream speech, also demanded freedom, but mostly for African Americans like him. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in his book the great Gatsby, that he wants to eliminate the rich, which he was a…show more content…
Each need equality for their people, the people that are within the same category and race they're in. Jefferson’s dream is fairly totally different than F. Scott Fitzgerald’s dream in principle, however the dreams are similar in that they both need change for the better. Their dreams conjointly focused on the social class they belonged to. Martin Luther King’s American Dream is to own equality for everyone, however particularly African Americans. In his I have a Dream speech, he said, “We should face the tragic undeniable fact that the Negro continues to be not free.” He was saying that although America is meant to be a free country, African Americans were extremely not free and treated equally. King said, “The Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty poverty midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.” African Americans weren't given sensible job opportunities. They were isolated and it had been exhausting for them to live comfortably once all the families with white males could have high paying jobs and affords the comforts of life. He also said, “This note was a promise that all men would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. it's obvious nowadays that America has defaulted on this certificate of indebtedness insofar as her citizens of color are promissory note.” King was touching on The Declaration of Independence, that had been aimed to
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