The Ridge Terrace Group Home

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The caregivers at the homes assist in arranging medical care, such as routine appointments or follow-up care as needed, in the event the resident or his or her guardians do not. In addition, a staff member normally attends the resident’s medical appointment. Each resident, or his or her guardian, is allowed to seek treatment from a physician of their choice. If they do not chose a physician, the group homes will bring the residents for medical care to consulting physicians. Frances House pays its consulting physicians a total of $150 per month for their consulting services. The physicians then bill the resident’s insurance or public aid for the medical services provided.

The Ridge Terrace group home consists of a large ranch-style house with a kitchen, dining area, family room, bedrooms and bathrooms. A maximum of sixteen residents can live in the home at one time and the facility houses both male and female individuals.

Staffing levels at the home range from one to three caregivers on site at all times. The primary caregivers, referred to as Designated Service Personnel or DSP’s, work in three overlapping shifts, which results three DSP’s being present in the morning when the residents are waking up and eating breakfast and in the evening during dinner and evening activities. One DSP is present during the middle of the day when the residents are at day training or on a field trip and also overnight.

Day training involves the residents going as a group to an…

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