The Right And Bare Arms

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Kenzi Weimer
Mrs. Miller
2nd Period
6 January 2016
The Right to Bare Arms Is the owner of a firearm more dangerous than the neighbor that does not? Firearms and how they are being used has been a very controversial topic. Firearms can be used for protection or could be used as a weapon to hurt someone. Both are very good reasons why people are so torn. Firearms have a positive effect on both the past and in society today. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." (Second Amendment, The Constitution of the United States) Having strict regulations might protect our society, or it could make it more dangerous.
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In fact, there was a modest increase in both homicide and suicide after prohibition and passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968” (Faria Jr, MA) (2).
New strict gun regulations, like what guns can be bought, can be used for protection or for harming others by injuring them. It depends on the intentions of the owner and how much respect and knowledge they have for the firearm. Some do not know how much respect a firearm should have. They have to know that a firearm can harm others. This is a lesson that is best taught to kids around twelve years of age and older. They also need to know how to handle a firearm. Treat a gun like it is always loaded, and that will help give them the knowledge they need to handle a firearm with care. “Unrealistic perceptions of children’s capabilities and behavioral tendencies with regards to guns were common among gun owners. Half of all gun owning parents believed that active strategies (eg, education, supervision) were the best methods of preventing gun injuries to children older than twelve years of age” (Daniel W. Webster). One way that the idea of a firearm can be used as a protective source is that teachers could have guns that they can keep in the classroom if needed. If the teacher has a Concealed Carry Permit, they can legally carry a handgun. To have a Concealed Carry Permit, you have to be 21 to take and pass a class. That also includes a background check. There are two
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