The Right And Choice Of Abortion

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Yonathan D Nieto Villegas Mr. Fons English 2B May 19, 2017 The Right to Life or Choice The decision to end the life of someone without their own consent has caused great disruption among Americans. Before the civil rights movement, Americans idealized the idea that abortion was ultimately prohibited due to the fact that religion predominated the beliefs of the people. Now in a rapid changing-liberal society, people are questioning if prohibiting a woman from aborting is denying her inalienable right of freedom as listed under the First Amendment. The right to abortion should be left in the hands of a woman’s personal decision rather than being obligated to live with the results of something she never wanted. Abortion is the deliberate…show more content…
The interpretation of this verse gives the proof that life begins even before the site of conception. Therefore, the religions use this claim to enforce the fact that an abortion on whatever circumstance is the killing of a human being. For instance, the Muslim faith has stated, "Muslims regard abortion as wrong and forbidden(BBC) ". These views of the Muslim religion relate to the central idea that the killing of a organism at any given time during the pregnancy is unethical and forbidden. In essence, the idea of abortion has predominated as a wrongful sin according to religion and science. On the other hand, there are people who suggest that the idea to be obligated to have a child is a form of inhumanity in itself, as it robs the person of an unalienable right, the right to choose. In the tragic testimony given by Lorna, she presents to the world her story on how live changing the ability to abort can be. This testimony was presented by the National Abortion Federation. "Lorna is a mother of three with a number of health issues, including Lupus, a tumor on her upper intestines, and two uterine abrasions. When Lorna found out she was pregnant, she knew immediately that carrying another pregnancy to term was not an option for her. She had hemorrhaged while giving birth to

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