The Right Brain Approach: Psychology in Advertising

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I've always been interested in advertising. I usually pay close attention to commercials when they come on the television or the radio. I like pointing out what I do and don't like about the commercials, and whether or not I believe that they will be successful in enhancing the sales of the product or service they are advertising. I don't know much about what goes into advertising. I simply like giving my opinions. Advertising is even something I may consider getting into after college. Because of that, I wanted to find a website that discussed the psychology involved in advertising. I found the website for an advertising company called Kenny and Associates, Incorporated. Kenny and Associates, Inc. describe themselves as a company whose…show more content…
For this project, Kenny and Associates researched all the aspects of the car-buying experience. They found out that, in general, people were terribly frustrated with their past car shopping experiences. In fact, they were so frustrated, that they avoided shopping for new cars as long as they could. It was then clear what Saturn had to do to draw in more customers. Rather than trying to advertise their cars as being of a better quality than Japanese cars, Saturn became a company that treated consumers with respect, no hassles and no intimidation. As a result, Saturn has been extremely successful. The website gave some impressive statistics to show that. The website then goes on to give answers to questions they are frequently asked. Within these questions, it is further explained how IN-SIGHT works, and how it's different and superior to other methods of research. It even gives a walk-through guide of how an IN-SIGHT interview might go. It also mentions that the Right Brain approach can be beneficial to a participant by stimulating creativity. It then goes on to talk about how successful it's been in the past, and offers a link to the company's list of clients. Finally, it gives the credentials and other information of the researchers that developed the Right Brain Approach and IN-SIGHT. The website has a section with feedback from clients. All the clients praise the

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