The Right Choice : Using Theory Of Constraints For Effective Leadership Essay

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The ability to acquire leadership styles is either instilled in a person or an attribute to develop. In the book The Right Choice: Using Theory of Constraints for Effective Leadership focuses on leadership on three levels (1) of personal leadership, (2) team leadership, and (3) organizational leadership. According to Hutchin (2012, pp xv), the key characteristics of leaders is they inspire people to journey toward the goal; they inspire people to see their true worth rather than simply as an expense item. They are able to communicate the goal, the direction, and to allow people to innovate, to create, to try different ways forward, unconstrained by artificial rules and procedures that stifle the very creativity most organizations need right now. Ted Hutchin PhD, formerly the Managing Director of I & J Munn Ltd, is one of the foremost educators for Theory of Constraints Thinking Process (TOC/TP). He uses a coaching approach, methodology and measured case studies concentrated on issues to help develop solutions that move people forward toward their goals. This is what inspired him to write this book.
Possessing leadership skills and being effective takes a special kind of individual to master it. Everyone has their own respective challenges when mastering this attribute. The first step is acknowledging the problem within the organization. Then stepping back to secondly, evaluate interpersonal skills and third, evaluating the team and how they function within the
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