The Right Healthcare Path For The United States

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While reading “The Struggle to Govern the Commons” in the source reference packet, the idea that healthcare is a way that America struggles to control its resources came to mind. One could argue that the people of the United States are very much a resource that are needed in order for this country to function. Without a reliable healthcare system, America’s resources (its population) will likely suffer greatly. It seems that for the last few years there has been a constant debate on what the right healthcare path for the United States is. There is no doubt a problem with unfairness in the current system. It does not cater to the needs of the majority of Americans and costs way too much to operate. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, the…show more content…
This was the beginning of the numerous bills that would be passed in an attempt to improve the quality and fairness of United States healthcare. In 2008, the Affordable Care Act was passed in order to lower the cost of healthcare and make quality care more affordable for a larger percentage of the people. According to the 2015 Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) of the Current Population Survey, currently 10.4 percent of the United States population still has no health insurance (U.S Census Bureau 1). Only ten percent may seem small, but that is still 33 million Americans that are left without healthcare, which still poses a huge problem. There seems to be heavy debate about how an affordable system can be achieved. There are numerous arguments against the United States adopting a system that puts the entire healthcare system in the hands of the government but there are alternatives such as a single-insurer health care system where the government would essentially provide universal health insurance for all citizens. A single payer system could be a viable and achievable alternative that could potentially cover all necessary costs for medical services and reduce the number of United States citizens without health care to zero.
Today, the United States health care system is basically funded by a combination of public (Medicaid and Medicare) and private insurers. There are numerous private companies that provide insurance plans for companies
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