The Right Of Bear Arms

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The right to bear arms is a heated subject today. People on both sides of the debate are adamant in their beliefs about whether or not we have the right to own, carry, and use firearms.
Those who believe firmly in the Second Amendment cannot be swayed by even the most persuasive argument that there is too much gun violence in this country. In much the same way, gun control activists are dismissive and even condescending towards those who put the Constitution and personal freedom before statistics. People who are determined to establish strict gun control laws really need to realize what they are enforcing. What is becoming increasingly clear is that the two sides need to find a workable middle ground. It sounds fine and dandy to outlaw guns but it is unrealistic and detrimental to the nation’s economic status. This can be exemplified through a few simple economics topics such as the relationship between ends and means, forward-looking behavior, the use of substitutes, the role of moral hazard, and opportunity cost. When these concepts are applied, one can easily see why gun control should stay at a minimal level. Advocates have been trying their hardest to gain public support since the recent shootings such as the 1999 Columbine High School shooting, the Sandy Hook incident, and the shooting at Virginia Tech. It has worked a minimally, but rational people who look at facts other than just sob stories feel differently.
One of the most basic economic topics is known as ends…

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