The Right Of Bear Arms

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The right to bear arms is a heated subject today. People on both sides of the debate are adamant in their beliefs about whether or not we have the right to own, carry, and use firearms. Those who believe firmly in the Second Amendment cannot be swayed by even the most persuasive argument that there is too much gun violence in this country. In much the same way, gun control activists are dismissive and even condescending towards those who put the Constitution and personal freedom before statistics. People who are determined to establish strict gun control laws really need to realize what they are enforcing. What is becoming increasingly clear is that the two sides need to find a workable middle ground. It sounds fine and dandy to outlaw…show more content…
The end, also known as the goal or aim, is the result sought by an action. The means is the way on goes about accomplishing his goal. As applied to gun control, all killers have one end they are looking to accomplish. This is obviously to kill people. The means they use to kill is the weapon of their choice. To go more in depth, the smart ones plan their attack in advance, which is known as forward-looking behavior. The gun control activist would argue that if the killer does not have a gun, they would not be able to accomplish their goal. While it is true that they would not be able to shoot their victim, saying that they would not be able to kill people is preposterous. This is proven by the economic concept of substitutes. This concept is very easy to grasp. When the demand for a good is high and the supply is low, the price increases. At some point people’s willingness to pay goes down. When this happens, consumers turn to alternate goods that may not be as efficient or as high in status, but still get the job done. If the price of butter goes up, consumers will begin to buy more margarine. As the price of Apple products increasers, consumers can turn to Microsoft technology. If the local movie theater shuts down, people could just as easily be entertained by a rental movie. Similar to this, if gun control activists were to win and guns were to be outlawed, killers could easily accomplish their goal using other weapons. Some products have no substitute and
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