The Right Of Bear Arms

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Gun Control
The Right to Bear Arms was the second amendment put into place when creating the nation. It gives the people of our country the right to keep and own a gun. Today, just over two hundred years later, one of the biggest debates in society is on gun control and how the people should be handling their weapons. The gun control in the country is something that should be taken more seriously as lives and well beings are at stake.
Former president Bill Clinton commented on gun control, saying "When we got organized as a country, [and] wrote a fairly radical Constitution, with a radical Bill of Rights, giving radical amounts of freedom to Americans, it was assumed that Americans who had that freedom would use it responsibly .... When personal freedom is being abused, you have to move to limit it." We 've misused this "right to bear arms" and have been forced to take many precautions regarding the bill. Gun control, or, the lack thereof, has struck a fear in many that has spread quickly throughout the nation. Our culture has ingrained the second amendment into itself, using it as a "pass" to do almost whatever.
In light of the stereotyped, yet nonetheless accurate, obsession of firearms that the American people proudly uphold, restricting the use of guns proves to be a much more difficult feat than one would have you believe. “America 's pervasive gun culture stems in part from its colonial history, revolutionary roots, frontier expansion, and the Second Amendment”.…

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