The Right Of Refugees From The Syrian Civil War

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The right of refugees to be granted refuge in another country has been a major human rights issue of our time. A refugee, according to international refugee law, is “all of those who flee persecution on the basis of religion, race, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group” (Goldenziel 2). In this particular case I will examine how Syrian refugees have faced persecution as a result of generalized violence from the Syrian Civil War. This is the worst humanitarian crisis of our time and millions of Syrians are in need of the world’s help. But who should be responsible for taking on the burden of hosting them? I will argue that the European Union (EU), other European nations, and industrialized nations outside of Europe should work together to provide full-support for Syrian refugees by hosting them in an equally distributed manner. In the following essay I will discuss the status of international law surrounding refugee settlement and the current debate over providing Syrian refugees support. I will then discuss the factual circumstances that explain why this issue is highly debatable. Next, I will discuss in my view why I think Syrian refugees should be granted the ability to seek refuge in a fair and equally distributed manner, both across the European Union and in non-member European nations. Finally, I will address a standard policy recommendation which the international community can agree on in order to ensure the future safety
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