The Right Of Selling Articles

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their own work. This restriction looks simple enough but is was used, for example, to restrict the sale of anything if the packaging was not made by the seller. A licensed guild merchant did not give them the right of selling articles not of their manufacture. Residence After the Polish partitions, Russia inherited 2 million Jews. The government restricted these Jews residence in only 25 political districts, called the Pale of the settlement, with few exceptions. Russia established this Jewish area after partitions of Poland (1772, 1793, and 1795) Territorial divisions of Poland by Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Unequal Punishment Jews were liable for more severe punishments than non-Jews for committing the same offenses. Pogroms Pogrom…show more content…
The latter were arrested because they ventured to stay near their homes. The following morning, the Christians were released and allowed to swell the ranks of the pillaging mob, while the Jews were kept in jail until the following day and freed only when the governor arrived. On the following day, March 30, at four 4:00 am, the leader of the ruffians summoned five thousand armed peasants, who proceeded to finish the job of the day before. The police and fire brigades helped them as reconnaissance and spy operatives. The police did nothing. Accordingly, The pogrom of Balta was not by the mere inactivity of the police, but the actual direct activity of the local authorities. The result. Forty Jews dead; one hundred, seventy slightly wounds. . There were more than twenty cases of rape. Many Jews, particularly the women became insane from fright. There was considerable damage of houses, dwellings, stores, etc. from fire and looting. Indeed, the aftermath of this pogrom resulted in more than fifteen thousand people without shelter or livelihood. The material damage and dislocation were great; loss of life and casualties relatively minimal. Prior to the May Laws, there were stirrings to emigrate from Russia, be it Palestine or another country. Russian officials in charge of Jewish Affairs stated that the "Western frontier" held an escape for the Jews. The Russian-Jewish press
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