The Right Out Of College

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Right out of college I had aspirations to lead others and understood I had to develop the necessary skills and start somewhere. I was a go-getter and wanted to use my unique strengths I was born with, while acknowledging and learning from my shortcomings. I focused on applying at companies that would require leading others. My leadership journey began when I accepted a role at Target to lead a team of leaders in a retail store. I trained for three months and successfully managed to make all my three interim direct reports cry. One was a guy, the other two were girls, and one of the girls I had a class with in college. My expectations were too high and I wasn’t engaging and inspiring the team. I was driven to deliver results at whatever cost, and wasn’t able to plan how long it would take to complete tasks. I learned the process steps from my direct reports, everything they were willing to teach me. The leadership methods I learned from experiencing and thinking on my feet, or winging it. They didn’t have every scenario in the training book. Take for example a wife, at Guest Services, threatening another customer that her husband is going to kick the other husband’s ass for cutting in front of her in the line. Or when a guest walked in and stopped breathing at Guest Services, or when a pregnant mother fainted in the shoes department. Every day brought new obstacles to overcome while bringing us back to the reason why we were there. No one felt they were destined to work in a
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