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“Doing the right thing” is can be based upon a number of different factors. First, there is generally a sense of what is absolute goodness. These are the absolute moral standards by which we should live our lives, given to us either either by a higher power or our cultural environment. In Christianity, for instance, this is expressed in the Ten Commandments absolute ethical laws divined by God, also shared by other major religions. In secular society, it is the rule of law, the consensus of the majority of society on the regulations by which that society should be governed. Balanced against this sense of absolute goodness is relative goodness. Relative goodness is still a moral rightness but dependent on a situation still agreed …show more content…
For every act of conformity to a social good there is an opposing act redefining what is " the right thing." We envy people who make a lot of money, yet we despise greed. However, within the context of the group in which the money-driven work, greed is good. We may frown on selfish wealth, yet on Wall Street that obsessiveness is good. Moreover, greed may actually be doing good for others increasing income for other's retirement, college tuition. Again, what is the " right thing" becomes subject to context. It is right to be competitive but not to cheat towards that end. We are encouraged to make "A's" in school, but not to do so in a dishonorable way. We should care about others, but also teach them to be independent. We should work within the rules, yet be our own person.

A " bad" person may be forgiven if he or she has redeemed themselves or shown remorse for the act they have commited. Then consciousness of doing the wrong thing becomes important. Those who don't show remorse we still condemn. We can forgive those who don't know what's wrong. In fact, forgiveness is a good thing. In general, it is important to obey certain standards of goodness in society both for the greater good and to keep society from self-destructing. We praise charity as an act of giving to others less fortunate, also providing for the greater

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