The Right Time At Attend College

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The Right Time to Attend College Understanding that there is not a specific time to attend college is important. While researching the question directed towards “the right time to attend college” there were many aspects that came out of that through multiple journals. The authors of the different journals distinguished the outcomes on attending college right after high school. Though there are students who decide to attend college much after high school as well. Through this paper you will see that there are different aspects about attending college fresh out of high school from multiple authors who have had taken their time to research their own analyzed data. This paper is organized in main parts which are, future career paths,…show more content…
Some may choose to do this because of their financial situations, not wanting to continue their education after already completing 12 years of school, or because they want to relax and enjoy their time they have to themselves. Each individual student is different, and not all students have the same solution. Future career paths. There has been many firms and regular jobs who look for more than characteristics of a person. As seen through the past years in almost any career field. It has been noticed that more than half of a company or firm will hire someone who has been through more schooling and experience, which means there are better opportunities when having attended college as soon as possible and after getting out in the field and experiencing things for yourself. One of the ways that going to college right after high school will have an effect on a student according to Daly and Leila, “Higher future earnings involves a four-year degree. Which will benefit one if they attend college as soon as they can” (Daly & Leila 98). This required an education of at least a four-year degree, which going to college is mandatory for a higher earning. Through that statement it relates to the fact that attending college as soon as someone is able to will benefit them in the long run whenever they are able to make earning in the career that they chose. As Blake stated, “Exposure to new peer
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