The Right To Bear Arms Pros And Cons

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“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”, Second Amendment of the Declaration of Independence. While some people see this Amendment as a right to have guns, others think that this right is limited by the “a well-regulated militia” part of the Amendment. The controversial dispute between opponents and supporters of gun rights seems to be a non-ending situation, both sides of the political spectrum are trying to influence public opinion through media campaigns. The right of the people to own arms has been discussed, particularly by the public more than by the tribunal. The Supreme Court, in June 2008, by a vote of 5–4, decided that Americans…show more content…
The First Amendment gives us the right to peaceably assemble; “The most natural right of man, after that of acting on his own, is that of combining his efforts with those of his fellows and acting together. Therefore the right of association seems to me by nature almost as inalienable as individual liberty”, said Tocqueville. Because of federalism, and the separation of powers, there are many different centers in which important decisions are made, so it is an advantage of interest groups to exercise some power, they want more benefits from the federal programs, members of the congress want more power to shape the programs, and bureaucrats want more longevity as administrators of the programs, this relationship among interest groups, members of the congress, and federal agencies are known as the iron…show more content…
Even individuals who support gun rights acknowledge that some kind of people should not be allowed to have weapons because of their records. Proponents who favor gun control laws don’t believe that state and federal gun control acts do enough, they think that we need more restrictions and control, and gun rights advocates believe that the laws go too far, they think that giving the right to the government to control the purchase of weapons and allow background checks will give them the opportunity to look into our private life, and nobody wants, nor likes to be observed. Existent gun control laws prevent criminals, mentally ill people, and kids from buying guns. Unfortunately, there have been cases where teenagers and criminals have acquired weapons and used them to commit mass murders, and some other situations where kids accidentally kill themselves while playing with their parent’s gun. Weapon technology, gun ownership and even gun control laws can have unexpected consequences. Until now, there is not a perfect gun control solution, there is no way to know if gun control will make the nation safer or more dangerous until we try. If the American government cannot adopt stronger gun control laws, maybe Americans can adopt safer ways to use their guns. Citizens, lawmakers and gun
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