The Right Wing Ideologues Are An Extremely Diverse Group

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The right wing ideologues are an extremely diverse group. Within the U.S alone there are libertarians (those who 's believe the government is too large both economically and socially.), traditionalist, militarists (those who believe that the military is of the ultimate importance to society and think it should be used more), moderates and many other groups. In international terms the groups that are farthest to the right are known as reactionaries. Reactionaries are usually set apart from traditionalists in that unlike traditionalist who seek to preserve current traditions, reactionaries actively seek to restore past traditions. For example, someone who seeks to protect a countries monarchy would be a traditionalist, while someone who wishes to reinstate an abolished monarchy would be a reactionary. Reactionaries also tend to favor things such barriers for voting and a dismantling of various social safety nets. In contrast to reactionaries, traditionalist usually do not seek to change society but instead they want society to remain the same. Most traditionalists tend to be highly religious and support causes that will empower or protect traditional religious ideals. Many oppose changes to the things such as social security or other currently existing entitlement programs, while opposing the installment of any new entitlement programs or most new governmental intervention into the economy. Libertarians (at least in the American usage. The term libertarian various greatly…
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