The Right of Abortion

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The contributors in the abortion debate not merely have definitely-fixed beliefs, but every group has a self-designated designation that plainly reflects what they consider to be the necessary issues. On one side, the pro-choice supporters see personal choice as fundamental to the debate: If a woman cannot decide to end an unnecessary pregnancy, a state which affects her body and perhaps her whole life, then she has lost one of her most fundamental human rights (Templeton 2011). These supporters of HYPERLINK "" abortion consider that as a HYPERLINK "" fetus is a prospective life, its life cannot be held above to that of the women. On the other side, the pro-life adversaries of abortion dispute that the fetus is human and as a result given the same human rights as the mother. Stated plainly, they think that when a society sanctions abortion, it is sanctioning murder. In today's more industrialized societies, technology has simplified the abortion procedure to simple and fundamental procedures. Technology, nevertheless, has also increased society's information concerning the fetus (Templeton 2011). Ultrasound, fetal therapy, and amniocentesis graphically tell intricate life before birth, and it is this impending human life that is at the heart of the argument. Furthermore, it is not…

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