The Right to Bear Arms

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The Second Amendment of the Constitution: The Right to Bear Arms The American Constitution was a book of laws that gave a brief explanation of the American Dream. In the Constitution, there were ten laws that were considered the “Civil Rights,” and one of these laws laid commonly questioned and tested. The second Amendment of the Constitution: the right to bear arms was a very significant law in the American Constitution, since it has two sides of opinion. Many Americans consider that people should not have the right to bear arms, while the other party believed that America could be considerably safer if this law was ratified. Which party was factual? The American Dream has been changed and dealt with numerous times, and…show more content…
But the main question that was taunting America was why the right to bear arms was important to our nation. Bearing destructible weapons such as guns was important, because it showed America’s desire to become the best. Bearing arms was a way of achieving this nationalized goal. It may not be the safest way of achieving the goal, but it is unquestionable the fastest. There are many foreigners that support this statement. People from Mexico, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Russia, Canada, and even Africa come to America to receive their taste of the “American Dream.” If America does not have what everyone wants, then I don’t know what does. This law can cause many problems and heartaches. When you don’t know what you want in society or when you want it, then this law can and maybe the answer to many people. Many citizens find this guaranteed law to be an escape out of life and mankind. This law may bring tears to your eyes, it may bring joy to your eyes, or it may bring uncertainty. These Civil Rights laws were not to only make America better, but to help American citizens. The problem with America was that many Americans take the bearing arms law as if it’s a privilege. America do not be surprised if I were to tell you that bearing arms was not always a disturbing issue. Earlier in the world making decisions was left up to high authorities. If you were considered lower income citizens your opinion was not

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