The Right to Bear Arms Essay

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The Right to Bear Arms

How many of us want the U.S. government to have the right to tell us what to do, and when w can do it. There are probably not many who would agree that the government should have that right. Though having gun control laws is not to that extreme, some would say it is the first step. Growing up in a small town, and also growing up with guns my whole life I was one of those people who did not want gun control laws. Then after reading two articles that discussed this topic I found that I have been ignorant about this subject. I read the articles that discussed gun control by J. Warren Cassidy and Nan Desuka. In the first article "The Case for Firearms" by J. Warren Cassidy, the author argues that the right to
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Desuka also argues that owning a handgun is not protected under the Second Amendment " The Second Amendment may be fairly paraphrased thus : "Because an organized militia is necessary to the security of the State, the people have the right to possess weapons." But the owners of handguns are not members of a well-regulated militia" ( 424). In this essay the author is banning of some handguns. After reading each article and analyzing them, I found the Desuka essay to be a better composed essay for several reasons. The first reason the Desuka essay is more effective than Cassidy is, because Desuka tends to be more of a believable authority than does Cassidy. Cassidy at the time of the essay was the NRA'S ( National Rifle Association ) executive vise president. The NRA is the biggest advocate for the right to bear arms. In his essay, Cassidy seems to be more involved in trying to sell memberships for the NRA than trying to show why there shouldn't be any gun-control laws: "There are better ways to advance our society than to excuse criminal behavior. The NRA initiated the first hunter-safety program, which has trained millions of young hunters. We are the shooting sport's leading safety organization, with more than 26,000 certified instructors training 750,000 students, and trainers last year

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