Essay on The Right to Bear Arms a Constitutional Conflict

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The act of bearing a firearm was initially represented as a duty in England, up until King Alfred converted this duty into a right. By doing so, individuals were allowed to use firearms for two purposes: self-defense and hunting. In time, “kings chose to trust their subjects with arms and to modify and supplement the militia if need be” (Malcom 3). Individuals were given the right to bear arms in exchange for their participation in England’s militia, which consists of “able-bodied male citizens declared by law as being subject to call to military service” (“Militia”). Additional implementations were then put into effect, one of them being King John’s recognition of the right to bear arms in the Magna Carta. This Angevin Charter will…show more content…
Although America gained its independence, its main concern still remains: to which degree should its militia be controlled. Certain representatives believed that the militia should be abolished. Others showed a preference for a selective militia that did not incorporate society in its entirety. Some considered amending the meaning that was given to militia and appropriate it to America’s Constitution. “The convention decided to give the new congress the authority to determine the future composition of the militia” (Cornell 43). By doing so, America’s aspirations consist of a standing army, a well-regulated militia and the right to bear arms. The new congress decided to create a militia that would be just as important at a state level than at a national level, “the new national government was given the authority to organize, arm and discipline the militia. The states would maintain some measure of control by retaining the power over the ‘appointment of the officers, and authority for training the militia according to the discipline prescribed.” (Cornell 43). James Madison helped draft the constitution of the United States of America and he became a leader in the ratification of the Constitution. He is known as the father of the constitution. James Madison’s initial formulation of the Second Amendment went as
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