The Right to Bear Arms and Concealed Carry

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The Right to Bear Arms with Concealed Carry
Humans naturally assume the right to be able to protect and defend their own person. This is a country built upon protecting the well-being of its people, and, more so protecting its people’s freedom, specifically the freedom to keep and bear arms. We are free to defend ourselves against others acting outside their lawful boundaries. Crime is obviously a problem in society, and we have laws in place to discourage behaviors that people agree on as wrong or that are considered to be bad for a peaceful society, but laws cannot change people. There will always be people out there who break those laws and pose threats to other citizens. Unfortunately, these incidents happen all too often and can end
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Self-defense cannot merely be limited to when a person is inside his home, because most violent crimes are committed outside a person’s home. In cases where someone is a victim of violent crime, more than sixty percent of the time it occurs outside the home (O’Shea 611). If it is ruled by the Supreme Court that citizens have the right to bear arms for the purpose of self-defense, then naturally that right must be able to extend itself to outside the home.
Heller concluded that the natural meaning of the phrase "bear arms" was to "wear, bear, or carry [weapons] upon the person or in the clothing or in a pocket, for the purpose of... being armed and ready for offensive or defensive action in a case of conflict with another person.” (O’Shea 613)
Simply from the meaning of the word “bear,” the Second Amendment implies the right to bear arms for self-defense extends itself to outside the walls of your own home. The Amendment specifically says “to keep and bear arms.” It must be noted that there is a distinction between these two types of conduct and a clear intent behind the words “keep” and “bear.” From a basic understanding of English and how thoughts are structured through words, one can see that “to keep” must mean something different from- yet most likely related to- “to bear.” “To keep” refers to having possession. “To bear” seems to imply an action, the action of bearing or carrying, a firearm on your

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