The Right to Die

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Problem The fear of death is powerful; however, the fear of not dying or of living a life full of pointless suffering is even more powerful. Because of this fear, there is a belief that one should be the master of their own fate. This belief then brings about the concept of euthanasia. Sanders and Chaloner define euthanasia as “a deliberate intervention or omission with the express intention of hastening or ending an individual’s life, to relieve intractable pain or suffering” (2007, p). Euthanasia is associated with the act of mercifully ending the life of a suffering patient. Those who are terminally ill should have the choice and the right to die with dignity. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross has identified that grief is handled in stages. The…show more content…
In a poll done in the United Kingdom, close to half of the people asked if they would help a terminally ill family member end their life said they would (Voluntary Euthanasia Society, 2004). At the end of life, ones’ goal is relief of pain and suffering. Palliative care is provided at the end of life and with this; patients continue to experience uncontrolled, intolerable, and unrelieved pain. (Bruce, Hendrix & Gentry, 2006). Each individual has a right to personal autonomy and self determination. Autonomy should be encouraged as people have rights and we have a duty to respect that right. Self determination is important as it allows an individual to live and make decisions for themselves according to what they believe in, their values, and their concept of a “good life” (Brock, 1992, p. 23 ). According to Brock, “Polls have shown that a majority of the American public believes that people should have the right to obtain euthanasia if they want it” (1992,p. 27). A terminally ill person who is competent has the right to avoid an excruciating death and allowing a patient control is a beneficent act. It is acceptable to refuse medical treatment and it should be acceptable for a competent individual who has a terminal illness to end their suffering by choosing to end their own lives. Making someone live in anguish and in uncontrollable pain, who does not want to continue living, is just as much a crime as ending

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