The Right to Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Assisted suicide, by definition, is suicide facilitated by another person, especially a physician, in order to end the life of a patient suffering from an incurable or life-threatening illness. Ever since its first use in the 1970s, physician assisted suicide has been a topic of much controversy in the modern world. Issues surrounding the life or death of a person come with many sensitive areas of concern, including financial, legal, ethical, spiritual, and medical matters. Today, physician assisted suicide has only been legalized in two states while many other states have been fighting to pass or amend the Death with Dignity Act. But while some may say that physician assisted suicide is immoral and impractical because it deserts the hope …show more content…

Their cries of desperation are often undermined by the rallies of hope surrounding curable patients. These patients whose degenerating conditions cannot be fixed are forced to live each day in excruciating pain with no glimpse of hope in their future. As citizens of the United States, it is the duty of the people to respect the choices of the patients and relieve their distress. The citizens of the United States live on the basis of freedom, but how can there be freedom to live if there is no freedom to die? People should respect the wishes of those who are simply exercising their freedom to die, rather than arguing that society has an obligation to protect all life (Andre). But who is society to condemn some to life while condemning others to death? With the death penalty enact, the justice department kills guilty parties who have committed the worst crimes. But often, these guilty inmates are not willing to die. Yet there are immobile, unable, and deteriorating lives who are ready to give up their battle, yet they are clinging onto life through numerous machines in a hospice center. These patients, also known as “vegetables” by the healthy part of society, have committed no crime but are basically being punished by serving the rest of their lives in sheer agony. These “vegetables” don’t wish to end their lives because they of depression, but because they want to die in a dignified way. As Antonin Artaud put it, “If I commit suicide, it will

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