The Rights Of A Child Within Family Court System

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One of the great concerns for modern society today is the issue of child welfare. This covers taking care of the basic needs of a child; food, shelter, warmth and promoting the child to develop mentally, physically and socially so they are able to function as an active member of society. Due to the need to meet the needs of society as a whole, the needs of children can sometimes either be ignored or regarded as a secondary concern. Even though that one day these children will be adults in our society, we do not always put their rights at the forefront for their overall development, education, housing, health and general well-being. Within this essay I will be discussing the rights of a child within family court system. I will be focusing on the lack of determination on the age a child can be seen as criminally responsible, the reduction in rehabilitative ideals for children in conflict, the lack of awareness about the child’s rights as a reason for a reason for denying adequate protection for children’s rights in the youth justice system. The term children’s rights has, over the years, been determined in many different ways dependant on the cultural, social, economic or political rights. With no one clear definition many child rights programmes have been seen counterproductive. Children are dependent on adults to provide a quality of care to meet their basic needs which then in turn determines how they will be in adulthood. Children, as human beings, not only have the
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