The Rights Of American Citizens

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Intersex Rights American citizens could be being treated unfairly when it comes to their sexual identity. An intersex human is one possessing any of several variations in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, or genitals that, according to the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights “do not fit the typical definition for male or female bodies”. Some people would argue that transgender individuals and intersex individuals are considered to be two heads of the same coin and should be given equal rights to one another. However an intersex person is born the way they are whereas a transgender person is born a male or a female and wishes to switch to the other gender.…show more content…
From the time they are brought into this world their parents as well as themselves must struggle to find their sexual identity. Now on there other hand transgender people are born with either male sexual organs or female sexual organs. They feel as if they are one stuck in the other one 's body, but nonetheless it is a psychological desire within the person 's conscious which seeks to become the other gender. It 's perfectly fine to push for what you believe in but it 's a totally different ball game trying to get everyone else to believe to. People are being treated unfairly and without consideration. According to Elizabeth Ries the author of “Divergence and disorder” Stated “ The conditions once known under the umbrella terms intersex and hermaphroditism are now generally being called disorders of sex development in medical settings. The terms might seem synonymous, but in fact there are significant differences with controversial consequences. The term disorder of sex development may promise clarity for doctors who diagnose patients with such conditions and provide some relief for parents of children being born with such conditions, but it has produced considerable rancor among adults who identify as intersex. Specifically, their problem is with the word disorder. The disability rights movement has taught us that atypicality does not necessarily mean disordered. Doesn 't disorder imply something is seriously wrong and needs to
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