The Rights Of Assisted Suicide

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Dying Your Way: The Right to Choose Assisted Suicide
Death has a finality to it that gives even the most cynical person a reason to pause. The possibility of death is always present, the elephant in the room. Prior to the twentieth century, before the leaps and bounds of modern medical care, people worried about the possibility of dying more often. Childhood diseases could strike and take a beloved child away at any moment, affecting two or more homes in the same community. Today children are inoculated against most of the deadly childhood diseases of the past. The average life span for a person born in 1900 was 50 years, in comparison to at least 83 years today (“Living Longer,” 2011). Society has changed the way life is lived, now it is time to change the way society dies. The practice of assisted suicide has been around as long as there have been compassionate health care givers caring for terminally ill patients. Assisted suicide is not and should not be the first option for a patient, but it should be an option: safe, monitored and legal. It is vital that assisted suicide becomes a legal option and available to all terminally ill patients. Public support, legal precedence, and effectiveness of fatal treatments, support the petition to ensure that assisted suicide becomes law across the U.S.
The term “assisted suicide” refers to the act of killing oneself with the assistance of another person; under this term are several subcategories.…
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