The Rights Of Free Speech

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Raphael Cohen-Almagor did a remarkable job at addressing the current state of affairs in the nation of Israel when it comes to the presence of hate speech against minorities and how to appropriately resolve issues of hate speech without infringing on the rights of free speech that is important for the existence of democracy. The purpose of using this document by Emily Foster is to use the contents of the article to help support their current position on the act of democratic censorship, but wither it be in a way to promote censorship in order to maintain order, or to remove censorship as a way to promote free speech is unclear to me. In regards to Cohen-Almagor, I find the choice of using Israel as a focus for the research for the…show more content…
For the research to be derived from this article, it would be my suggestion to include democratic nations with a more solid constitutional foundation with more enforceable forms of legislation. When identifying what forms of legislation or other methods to regulate hate speech exist, and how effective these methods are, it would be wise to include not only wither or not the method has worked, but wither or not the culture of the nation has influenced the effectiveness of the actions taken. In Israel while the country may have written laws prohibiting certain actions in order to change cultural actions, the people will find ways to obey the law while still following those cultural traditions. The addressing of context and status in society in regards to hate speech was a very strong are to address that the original writer Cohen-Almagor touched on. Hate speech among individuals who have known each other for an extended period of time may not be seen as offensive within that enclosed group. The actions will seem more along the lines of playful banter, and the expressions or reactions of the individuals will reflect this. Hate speech between two strangers will have a much different result being that the individuals do not have any knowledge of the other individual to the depth that friends and family may have, so hate speech towards that individual will be seen as, and act in, an aggressive attack on the individual. Now it is in these
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