The Rights Of Gay And Lesbian Couples

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the majority believe that they deserve the rights they are granted with the aid of the government. An upstanding citizen who pays their taxes, serves their network and abides by means of the regulation must be afforded the rights of an American. however, no longer all residents are afforded same rights. gay and lesbians are continuously denied rights which are typically taken for granted through the common American. particularly, gay and lesbians couples are denied the proper to marry even supposing they are upstanding residents. they are held at an unfair disadvantage totally because of their sexual orientation. This discrimination need to prevent due to the fact gay and lesbian couples are law-abiding residents too, who ought to be afforded the equal rights as heterosexual couples. One commonplace hassle that plagues gay and lesbian couples that are denied the proper to marry is their incapability to say their companion’s social safety after she or he has died. The Human Rights marketing campaign, which paintings to obtain same rights for lesbian, homosexual, bi-sexual and transgender humans, is supporting the effort to attain survivor advantages for domesticate companions. They believe, “Any alteration to the Social security gadget have to include partners of gays and lesbians in its definition of survivor”(Survivor blessings 1). presently, there are no programs that deliver homosexuals survivor advantages like the ones which can be provided for heterosexuals…
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