The Rights Of Gay And Lesbian Couples : The Union Between A Man And A Lady

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The ancient people have always viewed marriage as the union between a man and a lady. The opinion can be derived from the first table where one can see that those over the age of fifty are the least supporters of gay and lesbian couples. The institution of marriage should also confer dignity to the partners. The millennia are slowly changing to accommodate various views. It does not seem practical for people to hold on to the past cultures and values that reduce the values and rights of other human beings. Did the world not eventually accept to appreciate women and accord them similar rights as men? Many critics apparently faced the decision and some still continue to defy the laws concerning women rights. However, the world, in general, is changing, and the same case will happen if the marriage equality is established. Let us assume that the court will decide against the plaintiff, and then we should expect a huge mess to arise. The argument is that over the past years, various states have declared same gender marriages as constitutional. They removed the ban on gay and lesbian couples terming them as unlawful. The opinion was based on what they called equality and dignity for the partners (Green, par. 3). According to Bazelon and Liptak (par. 4), the case of Windsor v the United States struck down the guidelines of the Marriage Act in 2013. However, more than four states in the country continue to exercise the ban on homosexual marriages. Forcefully making the cities

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