The Rights Of Gay And Lesbian Parents

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Imagine being told, by law, you couldn’t have a family of your own because of lifestyle choices. There are 251,695 same-sex married couples in the U.S, as of 2013, that had to deal with difficulties while building their family whereas a hetrosexual couple could just simply do what was needed. Stereotypes and false research have hindered same-sex couples all over the U.S because it has put some doubt into the minds of very powerful people causing them to create laws on what a family should be. Fear that our future children will end up “lesser” than the high standards we already hold them to causes important people to create these laws to somehow protect them. The lack of their research and insensitivity has created this war between same-sex …show more content…
Many of the initial studies exploring the effects that gay and lesbian parents had on their children’s gender role behavior and identity used novel methods of determining how well the children’s conceptions of gender fit those of their heterosexually parented peers. Studies of younger children often placed participants in a room with many traditionally gendered toys and observed which toys were most played with over the course of the study. Others interviewed the parents about the toys that their children independently chose to play with as well as the activities that they independently engaged in. Older children were asked to draw pictures of themselves or pictures of men and women engaged in an activity.
Qualitative studies interviewed children and parents about favorite television shows, extracurricular activities and vocational aspirations. Although some studies found minor differences, such as the daughters of lesbian mothers showing greater interest in traditionally masculine activities and behaviors and the sons of lesbian mothers expressing wider ranges of behaviors, less aggression and less play activities, the results consistently demonstrated that children of heterosexual and gay or lesbian parents did not significantly differ overall in terms of gender role behavior or gender identity development. The summit of the studies concluded gay and lesbian parents cannot affect their children’s gender development or hinder how they view gender roles. Despite
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