The Rights Of Guantanamo Bay

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Guantanamo Bay was attained by Theodore Roosevelt in 1903, when he signed an agreement with the Cuban government leasing the land in return for 2,000 gold coins a year. For years after the agreement was signed, Guantanamo Bay was used as a naval base, as well as to spy on Communist Cuba in the 1930’s. In November of 1991, an overthrow of the Haitian government left thousands of Haitians fleeing dictatorship. The Bush Administration announced that it would erect a “tent shelter” in order to house thousands of these Haitian refugees in Guantanamo Bay. This shelter was surrounded by barbed wire fences and guarded by armed U.S troops. This was the first step in the transformation of Guantanamo Bay into the military controlled, high security…show more content…
Since these photos were released, two differing sides regarding Guantanamo Bay have emerged. Some find it to be a place where brutality and illegality are rampant; and some find it to be a necessary evil in order to protect the wellbeing of America. Currently, a military controlled prison still resides in Guantanamo Bay housing nearly 200 individuals; and the debate regarding the fate of the operation continues (Dziedzic). “Guantanamo Bay detention center is an international embarrassment to our nation, and to our ideals. To this day, Guantanamo Bay is a legal black hole; a place where United States policy does not adhere to the rule of law”-Senator Patrick Leahy. The Supreme Court has ruled on several occasions that the Bush Administration acted unlawfully in Guantanamo Bay, yet no action was pursued against these individuals. We cannot forget that the Bush Administration stripped detainees of basic rights that are given to any individual on American soil. This is why we must enact a Truth Commission to investigate the actions of the Bush Administration in Guantanamo Bay; as there is reason to believe that far more violations took place in Guantanamo Bay then we currently know of. This Truth Commission will not look to press legal charges on any individual, but merely seek answers. I believe that the
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