The Rights Of Human Beings

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This essay will look at whether the existence of rights should be acknowledged by the law in all humans and whether it is only human beings who deserve the recognition of rights. I will explain the concept of rights and provide reasons on why it is imperative that the law recognises rights of human beings. I will also discuss the development of rights in nonhumans as to whether the law should recognise them. The concept of rights has been enshrined in law since the Magna Carta was created in 1215. A right is a basic moral guarantee granted to a person that is unequivocal and universal. Having a right to possession allows parties to claim what rightfully belongs to them as they are entitled to it. Rights protect the freedom of people and from a legal perspective, this allows everyone to live their lives as they see fit without interference. Human rights uphold the notion of dignity and integrity as every person is entitled to them simply by being a human being. They protect the vulnerable and disadvantaged to prevent them from being discriminated against. These rights also develop a minimal standard which society and governments must adhere to as human rights should be of a high priority in a legitimate setting. I will now use my points to explain why it is crucial for rights to be taken into account when a legal system is drafted. This applies especially for human rights as they are the most likely to be abused if any form of discrimination occurs.
A right should
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