The Rights Of Human Rights And Animal Rights

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Animals are not suppose to be used as food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation or any other purpose and that animals deserve consideration and what is in their best interests. Animal right is a movement that tends to protect animals from being used and abuse by humans. This includes the use of animals for anything that causes them pain and suffering, such as medical experiments, imprisonment in circuses and zoos, and fur production. Animal rights support the idea that all animals are to be treated humanely and away from pain, suffering or murder. They shouldn’t be used as food, fur or entertainment. Animal rights seek to promote treatment of living beings through legislation, protest campaigns, research public events and other techniques such as celebrity spokesman ship. Animals are also the creatures living on earth with us. If people say animals should be killed and served us as food, then why don’t we eat human? Human have the same nutrition that could be served, there’s no point to say that killing human is criminal but killing animal is legal. Animals have the right to live in condition that in benefit and satisfy their nature needs, which include freedom, enough space and environment. But people draw negative attention to animal related issue; they give out the wholly false information. For example on one website there was a picture of some sheep gathered into a holding yard and the caption said that, “this is now sheep live all the time.” They totally fail to mention the green field in the picture, with no doubt, it is where the sheep will not be returned once they have been sheared, or even killed. In today’s society, people create some organization for fighting their government toward freedom and rights. They are fortunate because they have ability to speak for themselves. How about animals? People are always taking advantages from animals by killing and entertaining, and sadly they don’t have a voice to fight against it. Some of you might say, if animals cannot be killed for food, everyone will need to become vegetarian, and getting the right amount of protein per day will be more difficult. And from the traditional Christian view, they also think that god has created animals for the use of

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