The Rights Of Human Rights

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The definition of the term human rights is described as the essential universal entitlements afforded to all humans. These rights are the underpinning of certain principles including that of liberty, fairness and respect of human dignity. Human rights must be acknowledged and protected by government agencies to ensure that these rights are taken into account in law, the process of legislation, public policy and politics.1 However many groups within society remain marginalised and vulnerable to human rights violations. The focus issue that will be discussed in this essay is the right to liberty- to not be apprehended in arbitrary custody, which interferes with the inherent human right to liberty, and the chosen vulnerable group is asylum seekers. Due to circumstances outside of their control the persons in this group flee their homelands in an effort to escape crisis and persecution, such as religious and political persecution.2 Every human has the right of asylum, as stated in article 14 of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, however asylum seekers are vulnerable due to violations of their human rights. Governments around the globe including Australia have not fulfilled their legal obligations toward asylum seekers and have in fact violated human rights and specific rights of asylum seekers which have been outlined in the 1951 UN Convention in relation to status of refugees.3
Australia has willingly participated in many International protections of vulnerable groups

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