The Rights Of Human Rights

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The inalienable human rights is something undeniably important in the view of everyone in the world, as nearly all government in the world have some sort of written law that ensure the rights of its citizens, like the Bill of Rights that protect the rights of Americans. Yet, when applying that significance in protecting human rights to people outside of their nation’s border depend considerably on the interests of the government, the interactions between the different nations, and the response concluded from the international institution, like the United Nations. As evident through the events in Rwanda, all members of the United Nation Security Council expressed their concerns and sadness about the human rights abuses in Rwanda by the Rwandan government, yet, when debating on the course of action, only a minority of the members actually supported humanitarian intervention in Rwanda. The violations on the principle of human rights in Rwanda were ignored as several council members cited the lack of funds and resources, along with infringement on sovereignty to be the reasons of nonintervention, despite the widespread support of these natural rights. Even if a proposal of intervention was passed, the movement to protect these human rights often failed due to the difficulty to come to a compromise when determine how the intervention would played out, as countries tried to pursue the policy in their own stance, as well as the crucial aspect of the response time. Although the
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