The Rights Of Human Rights

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Upon our society many are impacted by different features in the world. The responsibilities of Human Rights emerge as an important factor in ones lives. Traditionally many follow the flow of life and seek to what the future really holds. On December 10th, 1948 the United Nation had adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which are 30 different articles that explains the standards of Human Rights overall. As many goals are being interpreted, the ultimate goal is to protect and promote the basic Human Rights of every person, everywhere. In our United Nations the Universal Human Rights implies that everyone shall inherent dignity of all equal foundations of freedom, justice, and peace in the world. Humans have the…show more content…
A non-profit organization known as “Just One Africa” is partnered together with local leaders in Kenya to provide sustainable solutions for many vulnerable children and towards the clean water crisis. Moreover, Children are especially vulnerable to malnutrition, disease and the burden that already overstretched health, nutrition, and water. In Nairobi, Kenya there is are large percentage of at least 3 million children facing shortages of food and water. “The United Nations world food program and the UN funds strongly focused on the impact of drought in Kenya” (Africa News Service 1). Clay Churchill, the executive director and the Co-founder of the organization first began his journey when he had visited Kenya along with his family and seen the poor environmental conditions. This resulted in beginning his partnership towards a mission to provide sustainability solutions. The main focal point is to distribute water filters to the communities that do not have access to clean water. Each filters provide clean water for up to 25 people and will last for many years in a lifetime. By using filters it not only supports them, it provides hygiene, sanitation, and the essential standards. “Just one Africa” organization reported that 10% of global diseases burden could be prevented by improving water supply and the proper water management. “World vision is doing the best they can on a large scale through the Clinton global initiative”

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