The Rights Of Immigration And Citizenship Essay

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The high presence of immigrants in ‘vulnerable’ labor markets make the pathways for migration and citizenship critical in accessing agency. The legality of labor for immigrants affects the vulnerability of immigrants. The ‘under the table’ nature of many economic opportunities presented to immigrant populations changes the stability of accumulating capital or creating economic mobility. The ‘off the books’ nature changes the agency to immigrants to gain their wages, protest exploitation and to attain justice through legal pathways. These conditions in the labor market determine the standing and social worth of non-citizens in America society. The visibility of sex trafficking within the labor market becomes the issue in immigrants agency. Because many of the opportunities in the market are illegal the channels to remain employed are often underrepresented in reports and cases in the exploitation of sexual labor (U.S. Department of State, 2016). Accordingly, U.S policies on sex trafficking are driven more by ideology than empirical evidence (Brent and Lerum 2016:18) Ultimately, what is at stake here is the human rights of immigrants in the United states. Gender Roles Domestic labor in the United states has divided the market by gender roles. There is a demand by middle and upper-class women for domestic labor in the home, so they can focus on continuing working and sustain family structures. Women are emigrating from Mexico and Central America to fill these roles in the
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