The Rights Of Our Nation

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In this day in age, there are many potential threats to our nation and we must protect the American people with tact, and perceptiveness. When handling foreign affairs our main goal is to insure the welfare of our nation. While it may seem at times immoral not to police the world, we’ve tried that approach and it has been extremely unsuccessful. We’ve lost American lives for wars that we haven’t needed to be in. Although upholding the blessings of liberty wherever they may be violated is paramount to the American way of life, it is not as important as the welfare of our nation. By voluntarily getting involved in foreign conflicts we do just that, and put the safety of our nation in jeopardy, both by creating unnecessary enemies, and giving up thousands of young American lives for nothing, but policing the world. As our founding fathers believed, America is ready to take more of an isolationist approach again. This does not mean ignoring currents threats like ISIS, and nuclear capabilities in nations that are a danger by wielding such weaponry, this does not mean ignoring atrocities such as the civil war in Syria, this does not mean neglecting the fact that Russia is a loose canon with a box of matches. What this does mean is assessing the situation with aplomb, and making decisions as a nation that values a majoritarian policy rather that brash decision making that leads to an outcome that will effect our children. Foreign Threats/Plan of action- With threats in
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