The Rights Of Prisoner Rights

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Within this paper I will be explain the what the term “prisoner rights” mean and which rights are allowed and denied for prisoners. I will also be giving a brief history on and explaining how prisoner rights have changed from the early days till today. I will also try to give my own views on if those changes have been beneficial for the prisoners and how their rights may develop in the future.

When it comes to finding out what the exact meaning for the term “prisoner rights” is kind of hard to explain. The reason why is because there are many different views on the topic. Three of the views are:
1. “Legalistic/due process view: Convicted felons do not have rights other than those conferred on them by law. In the United States, those rights are derived by the courts from the Constitution of the United States, from the state constitutions, and from the laws that Congress and the state legislatures enact. Inmates are entitled to due process of the law even in confinement.” (Siegal & Bartollas, 2010, pg. 209)
2. “Crime control view: Inmates are criminals who have harmed others and must be made to pay for their misdeeds. Convicted criminals have, by definition, forfeited their right to freedom and liberty. The suffering they endure in confinement serves to deter future criminal behaviors. The fewer rights inmates have, the greater the deterrent effect of punishment.” (Siegal & Bartollas, 2010, pg. 209)
3. “Humanistic view: Inmates are humans who have made…
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