The Rights Of Same Sex Couples

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The rights of same-sex couples is a big controversy currently, and although there are still many in opposition, the number of supporters increases regularly. Not only do most opposing take a religious standpoint, but they also claim is have a negative effect on “real marriage” and that same-sex households cannot provide the necessary parenting needed to properly raise a child. Not only do most advocates feel that some of the opposing arguments make no sense, but also that others are based off of sole assumption rooted in personal agenda. Also, the most important aspect of and reasoning for marriage is love, and it is unfair to deny same-sex couples the right to prove and commit to their love. Based on the first Amendment, the Bible has no legal standing in American law. Homosexuals are here to stay and most opposition to gay marriage is simply discrimination based on conflict of beliefs. This argument is no different than the civil rights movement for equal rights to African Americans in which, in its time, it was almost unheard of to consider sharing schools, water fountains, or even interracial marriages. This is now seen as an outdated vise for discrimination, and as African Americans cannot decide their color, homosexuals stick by their experience that they did not choose this and that they have struggled with their sexuality throughout their entire lives. The arguments for and in refute of those against same sex marriages seem sound. The Supreme Court of the state of…
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