The Rights Of Same Sex Couples

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Soppho: Have you heard, Socrates, that our government is intending to extend the rights of marriages to same-sex couples? Under that change, gay partners will then be recognized equally as heterosexual husbands and wives.

Socrates: Yes, but politicians and those in positions of influence have no business to mess with the standard of God relating to marriage, let alone decide to debate this issue as if it is open for discussion. Because of the way they are boasted, they don’t have a proper perspective on themselves and where they fit in this life. The standard is clear by the way that men and women are made, so the coupling of heterosexuals is shown to be divine.

Soppho: That’s bigotry, if you will feel the love between homosexuals is unworthy of equal sanctity. A healthy society supposedly strives on religious freedom. It would go against basic human rights to say otherwise.

Socrates: Call it what you will: but, no, it is not ‘bigotry.’ Remember, we are talking here about an engaged behavior, not an inherited characteristic. I love gay people in accordance with a pious sense of love by telling them the truth; that is love. I also emphasize that it’s not about me, but the importance of maintaining a one-flesh union that has endured in history for thousands of years.

Soppho: I didn’t say anything about inheritability at all. I simply would like to marry someone that I love, and I don’t have to prove that nature ordained me to be gay in order to attain that right. Anyway,…
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