The Rights Of The Gay Rights Movement

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When it comes to the gay rights movement, the structure and the history of how it got to where it is today is a huge factor in today’s society. There have been a lot of things that negatively influenced gay rights. In some ways, things have happened in a positive way as well. The gay rights movement today and legalizing gay marriage has struck some people the wrong way because of their beliefs. For the gay community, though, it has been a very positive thing. Some of the big key moments in history went the way they did because of important events and important people causing it to go that way. These include Jeremy Bentham, Magnus Hirschfield, Henry Gerber, the making of the Mattachine Society, Stonewall Riots, Clela Rorex, the Ryan White…show more content…
This committee also created the first gay rights movement. The point of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee was to try and keep the homosexuals from being exposed and threatened. Mainly just trying to protect them by trying to get rid of the law that made all gay, and homosexual acts illegal for them to do. This law was called Paragraph 175. The Scientific Humanitarian Committee ended because of the Nazis coming and destroying everything such as all the buildings that they had been in, and also all of the books they had. The Scientific Humanitarian Committee will never be forgotten for what it did, and what it started for other foundations. Next, the person that will be discussed is Henry Gerber and what he did to the sexual minority past. Henry founded the first gay rights association in the United States and it was called the Society for Human Rights (SHR). It was founded in the year 1924. Henry had based this off of Magnus Hirschfeld Scientific Humanitarian Committee. Germany was the starting point for the current gay rights movement, so then Henry Gerber had started the Society for Human Rights in the United States. This association was the first known homosexual organization. The next thing I will be talking about is the Mattachine Society. The Mattachine Society was founded in 1950, and it was considered one of the earliest gay rights movement in the United States. Harry Hay and some of his friends had started this group to protect and form a
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