The Rights Of The Gay Rights Movement Essay

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The issues LGBT people have faced is nothing new in our society, nor is the idea of being an LGBT individual. It is impossible to date back emotions of people, but general sexuality preference became a focus around the 1600’s. “The practice of governing sexuality reinforced systems of gender, race, and class dominance” (FIELDER, 2015). Sexuality not only became a part of regular conversation, but a determining factor of your position in society. If an induvial had a sexual preference other than heterosexual, they were terrorized. The rights of homosexuals were not respected until 1924 when the first gay right organization was established, The Society for Human Rights founded by Henry Gerber. This did not last long. The gay rights movement would not see another organization until the 1950’s when the Mattachine Society was established by gay rights activist Harry Hay. Sexuality was most questioned within middle class homes. The people to come out mainly consisted of white business men. Though, civil rights of the gay community was being demanded, American women were still being oppressed so they were not as represented in the gay community until the early 1980’s. The acronym “LGBT” was not used until 1988 when activist started to truly include all sexual preferences. In 2008 the film “Milk”, about a gay rights activist and politician named Harvey Milk, was produced. Milk was long gone when the movie was released, but the film reached more people and helped shaped the LGBT

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